Helan health insurance

Do you need to register for the Belgian social security during your stay in Belgium? We can help you. Besides reimbursing your medical expenses, Helan Health insurance also wants to be your partner. For your health, your wellbeing and your comfort.

  • Reimbursement of your medical expenses. 
  • A replacement income when you are incapacitated. 
  • An affordable hospitalisation and dental insurance.
  • Extra advantages for your own health.
  • Customised care at every stage of life.
  • Always accessible. Both online and in real life.

Moving to Belgium as an expat

Regardless of your status or situation, our partner Business & Expats Health insurance guides you through the complex Belgian social security system. They offer you a wide range of insurance solutions and help you choose the insurance package that meets your needs. 

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Helan supports refugees from Ukraine

Are you hosting refugees from Ukraine or are you helping them to settle in Belgium? We make sure they remain insured here too. Ukrainians who are temporarily residing in Belgium under special status can join the statutory health insurance.

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Any questions for Helan?

Do you want to become a client of Helan health insurance, or do you have a question about our services? Please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you.

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Handle your health insurance in My Helan

Do you want to know whether a reimbursement or an indemnity was paid? Or are you planning to travel abroad and you want to apply for a travel document? Check all of this in My Helan,  your personal health insurance platform, where you can view all your health insurance details.

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Interested in working as a household help?

As a domestic helper you bring the extra pair of hands into the household of your clients. Thanks to you cleaning, ironing and cooking, they can enjoy more free time and experience more comfort. The relationship between you and your customers is based on trust. 

Helan offers you a permanent job, with flexible hours. We also want to invest in you, because when you feel good, you perform best.

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