Working as a household help

  • Job security at a large stable organisation
  • A nice job with flexible hours, close to home
  • An employer who really invests in you
  • Formerly, Partena en OZ Cleaning and Ironing Assistance
  • And so much more
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So much more than cleaning

Cleaning, ironing, cooking ... As a household help you are a big help for your customers. But it means so much more than that. Because with your help, your customer buys time and comfort. And that is priceless.

Together we really make a difference. You for your customer, and we for you. Because when you feel good, you can excel in what you do and achieve the very best results. You can count on coaching and support, an optimal work-life balance, appreciation and respect for your work and a fair compensation.

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Why work for us?

All the advantages in a row

Working at Helan is not just another job. Enjoy the many benefits: attractive salary, punctual payment, work in your area, flexible hours, end-of-year bonus and meal vouchers and much more!


The permanent employer of 3,600 household helps

Every day, more than 3,600 household helps work for customers of Helan Household Help.


28,715 customers, closer than you think

Helan Household Helps work all across Flanders. We are a large organisation.


60 consultants: you take care of your customers, we take care of you

Helan Household Help is always by your side. Our consultants help you to keep your administration up to date.


“I'm extremely satisfied with the cooperation with my consultant. If I have a problem, they can help me quickly and properly.”

Stephanie .

“The relationship I have with my customers is priceless. Just like the pleasure that I experience when they are happy with my work. I often get compliments. And that pleases me. They appreciate what I do, that is important to me.”

Shenaya .


“Helan is actually the first employer where I feel really good about myself. I can arrange my own hours and manage my clients.”

Jan .

“Stephanie? That's a really cool one. And that special click was there from day one. As a consultant she is always there for me and everything is negotiable. I am glad I ended up with Helan.”

Magda .

“I am super happy with my coach, if I have questions, she takes care of everything. I can also count on the consultants: they look for replacements, arrange transfers and so on.”

Teresa .

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Praktische vragen en antwoorden

Je krijgt: werkkledij, veiligheidsschoenen, een telefoonvergoeding, een kilometervergoeding, een gratis abonnement voor De Lijn als je met de bus naar het werk gaat, een eindejaarspremie, maaltijdcheques en tal van voordelen bij ons ziekenfonds.

Ja. Daar houden we ons aan. Helan is een stabiele werkgever, en er is altijd een plaats voor jou. Je krijgt dus meteen - van bij je start – een vast contract en werkzekerheid.

Zeker en vast. Hoeveel en wanneer je werkt, kies je zelf. Tijdens je sollicitatie geef je je beschikbare momenten aan. Als je dan in dienst treedt, zorgen we voor een uurrooster dat helemaal bij je past. We vragen wel om minimaal 10 uur per week te werken als huishoudhulp.

Van maandag tot vrijdag tussen 8 en 17 uur. Er is geen avond- of weekendwerk mogelijk.

Minimaal 10 uur en maximaal 38 uur per week.

Wij bieden enkel vaste contracten onbepaalde duur aan. Jammer genoeg is het systeem van flexi job niet van toepassing voor huishoudhulpen. Het systeem van flexi-jobs is alleen voor werkgevers in de horeca of de detailhandel.

Eerste dienstenchequebedrijf met ’Investors in People’-label

Feeling at ease with us.

That’s what it’s about. Helan Cleaning and Ironing Assistance is the first service cheque company with a silver ‘Investor in People’ label. The crowning glory of our way of working, and above all: your guarantee that you are choosing an employer who really invests in you. Coaching, safe working conditions, training that benefits you both at work and personally. You get it all.

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