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  • Extra benefits for your health.
  • Fast reimbursement of your medical expenses.
  • Prompt payment of your sickness benefit.
  • Customised care at every stage of life.

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Helan. More than just a health insurance fund.

Helan is there for everyone who wants to live consciously. Helan is all about well-being, in all its forms.

We not only offer a smooth-running health insurance fund and reliable insurances, but also home care, maternity care, child care, domestic help, holiday camps and a healthcare shop.

Frequently asked questions & answers

Because you are in good hands with us. We keep healthy living affordable through our reimbursements and Helan benefits. Where we can, we work quickly and digitally. Where you need it, our experts are happy to provide personal advice. Enthusiastic and efficient: that's what we love.

Even when things are not going so well, we are there for you. Are you ill or unable to work due to surgery or an accident? We will reimburse your medical expenses and arrange your replacement income without much hassle. So you can focus on getting better.

We are also so much more than a health insurance company. We also have affordable insurance, childcare, maternity care, home care, domestic help, holiday camps and a Care Shop for you.


If you have expenses for medical care at a doctor, physiotherapist or dentist, the statutory health insurance will determine how much you will be reimbursed. We arrange this reimbursement for you. We process your doctor's notes quickly and refund you the statutory amount. On My Helan, your online health insurance fund, you can easily keep track of everything yourself.

Are you ill or do you encounter something and cannot work for a while? Or have you just given birth? Then we will arrange a replacement income or benefit for you. Until you can go back to work. You can easily apply for this benefit digitally. And you can follow up your file via My Helan.

We arrange repayments for you, which are determined by law. But anyone who wants to stay healthy and balanced deserves just that little bit more. That is why, as a Helan client, you get a range of extra benefits and repayments on top.

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To join insurance through a health insurance fund, you must be a customer of the same health insurance fund. If you decide to switch to Helan, you can also transfer your dental and hospitalisation insurance policies to us. This can be done very easily the moment you join Helan. And above all, don't worry about the waiting period. It simply expires. So that you remain protected at all times.

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You will be reimbursed for all of these. If you change health insurance fund, your file is always transferred on the first day of a new quarter. Refunds before that date will still go through your previous health insurance fund. From 1 January, April, July or October, we will pay you back everything.

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Refunds through statutory health insurance are largely automatic and are settled immediately once your doctor passes on the consultation. Does the doctor charge you directly for another part that you get back from another insurance company? Then through My Helan, your online health insurance fund, you can easily track how much you will get back and when you can expect the reimbursement.

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Not at all. Changing health insurance can be very easy. Join easily online and your previous health insurance will be automatically discontinued.

Would you like some help with your connection or switch? Get customised advice and we will be happy to help you sort everything out.

There are some conditions you need to meet to switch health insurance.

  • You must have been a customer of your current health insurance fund for at least 1 year

  • You must not have any outstanding bills with your current health insurance fund

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There is always a legal transfer date when you change health insurance funds. This is always the first day of the new quarter, i.e. 1 January, April, July or October. For example, do you join us on 1 February? Then we will officially take over your file from 1 April. This way, your previous health insurance fund can finalise everything and provide us with a complete file, and your transfer will go smoothly and without any waiting time.

Registration must be made no later than the fourth of the month preceding the new quarter before 12 noon. For example, if you want to transfer on 1 January, the registration must be in our possession by 4 December at the latest.

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Yes. You can get cover through one of our insurance policies only if you are already a Helan Health Insurance Fund customer. Becoming a customer is quick and easy, online. Once you apply, you can arrange your insurance cover right away. Also good to know: if you previously had similar insurance, your waiting period will be waived.

Are you satisfied with Helan and do you tip your partner, family or a friend about us? Then you will receive a gift voucher worth 30 euros. And that for every acquaintance of yours who sets up an introductory meeting with us.

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“I find Helan's online health fund really convenient. You can find all your reimbursements in a row and you can easily arrange a lot of things yourself, whenever you want. That saves you a lot of time.”