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Your partner in busy times

  • Well-trained household helpers you can count on
  • Request household help via the mobile app
  • Smooth service you can rely on
  • You don't need to be a customer of Helan Health Insurance Fund
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Housecleaning help with service vouchers

Need help? You can rely on one of our regular household helpers. Payment can be made using service vouchers.

Ironing services in your area - Helan

No time to tackle your ironing pile? Drop off your items at an ironing point in your area.

Looking for a household help job in your area? Apply now!

Do you love helping people? We'll work with you to find your perfect job.

Your partner in busy times

Too much on your plate? Our well-trained household helpers would love to take some of the work off your hands. And for help with ironing, you can visit one of our ironing points in your area. You can pay for your help quickly and easily with service vouchers. Are you a customer of Helan Health Insurance Fund? If so, Helan will pay a large part of the customer fee on your behalf.

More than 22,244 customers rely on our household helpers. How about you?

Request housecleaning help

Pay at a discount with service vouchers

Pay for your household help with service vouchers. They are convenient, simple and tax deductible.

  • Quick and easy: electronic service vouchers are so convenient. Order and pay at the click of the button in the app.
  • More affordable: service vouchers are a subsidised payment method, and are therefore more affordable. In addition, each year you receive a tax deduction on the majority of purchased service vouchers.

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How we make a difference

Always reachable through a dedicated contact person

A bit of paperwork is inevitable to ensure your household helper's schedule and monitoring runs as it should. Ask your dedicated contact person at Helan Household Help any questions you may have. No stress!


Properly trained household helpers

Helan Household Help invests in its employees. You can rely on having a reliable and well-trained housecleaner. Consider it a guarantee for a spotless house, every time.


Helan Household Help is for everyone

Whether or not you are a client at Helan Health Insurance Fund, you can rely on our service: an affordable and dependable household help, with service vouchers. This provides assurance, for both the housecleaners and for yourself.


Quick service with the Helan Household Help app

With our mobile app for Android and iPhone, you can log into Helan Household Help quickly and easily from your mobile device.


Practical questions and answers

Helan Household Help offers cleaning and ironing assistance at your home, with service vouchers. If you prefer to drop off your ironing at an external location, you can also visit our Ironing Shops, Iron Drop Points or Ironing Points.

Please complete the request form and we'll respond soon to let you know what help we have available.

No, Helan Household Help helps everyone get professional household help. Requesting reliable help in your home does not take long with this form .

That depends on which region you live in. In some regions we have a household helper who can get started immediately, in other regions you may have to wait for a while. Feel free to ask for more information and we are happy to provide it to you.

Have your schedule at your fingertips at all times

Communicate with your consultant, make a change to your schedule or give notice of holidays. It can all be done in the blink of an eye, with the Household Help app, no matter where you are. Download it here.


Do you have a question, comment or suggestion?

You'll find plenty of answers to practical questions on this page . Still have an unanswered question or suggestion? Contact us using the contact form. We will assist you as soon as possible.

Do you have a specific question about your household help? You can also request your consultant's contact details this way.

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