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Are you moving to Belgium, coming to study in Belgium or staying here temporarily? Helan Health insurance is your partner. For your health, your wellbeing and your comfort.

  • Reimbursement of your medical expenses. 
  • A replacement income when you are incapacitated. 
  • An affordable hospitalisation and dental insurance.
  • Customised care at every stage of life.
  • Always accessible. Both online and in real life.
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Welcome to Belgium, welcome to Helan Health insurance. 

In Belgium, the health insurance companies are part of the Belgian Social Security, financed by government subsidies and by social security. They act as an intermediary between the client and the NIHDI ( National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance).

Your health insurance is divided into the mandatory insurance and the benefits insured by your health insurance fund.

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Mandatory health insurance

When you arrive in Belgium you are legally obliged to register with a health insurance company of your choice. Your right to the mandatory health insurance depends on your status and on your contribution to the Belgian social system by paying social contributions through your wages as employee or as an independent.

The mandatory health insurance ensures a replacement income when you are unable to work due to an illness or accident, and the reimbursement of consultations with accredited doctors, medication that is prescribed by a doctor or a hospitalisation in a double or multiple room. It will intervene for approximately 60% to 70% of your health care costs, the patients always have to contribute the so-called co-payment themselves.

Advantages and services

The advantages and services of your health insurance company are a separate section, to which you contribute by paying your monthly health insurance fees. Just think of advantages such as refunds for:

  • visits to the spa 
  • glasses and lenses
  • sports club
  • vacation camps for your children  
  • ...

This wide range of advantages and services are available to all members of the healthcare fund, on top of the mandatory insurance. Consult here the brochure or an overview with all benefits.

Download the brochure Overview all benefits

Important practical matters

Pharmacists, hospitals and certain health care providers can access your health insurance information online through your national insurance number. Because this number is on your Belgian electronic identity card (eID), they will ask for your electronic ID.

  • Identification stickers: The customer details (name, national register number, member number) on your sticker allow us to find your file quickly. As we must be able to identify every paper document you send us by post, you always have to apply a sticker to these documents. You receive your identification stickers when you join or you can order them online through My Helan.
  • Proof of affiliation to Helan: Log in or create an account on My Helan. You can find the proof of affiliation under 'Documents' > 'Downloading documents or completing them digitally' > '08. My health insurance' > 'Declaration of membership'.

In Belgium, you get to choose which doctor you go to. You just have to look for a GP near you. Be sure to take your eID or an identification sticker with you, so your GP can access your online records. You can also consult a dentist or another specialist.

When you consult a doctor, you pay him or her a fee and you get a certificate 'attestation de soins données' of 'Getuigschrift voor verstrekte hulp' in return (unless your doctor applies the third-party payer scheme). This certificate allows you to get a partial refund from Helan within maximum two years after the date of the consult.

  • Attach an identification sticker to the certificate and deliver it to Helan through a Helan letterbox. Helan will pay the reimbursement into your account.
  • However, if the doctor forwards the certificate electronically (eAttestation) to your health insurance fund, you don't have to do anything yourself. The reimbursement is then paid automatically.

If a doctor or specialist has prescribed medicines for you, you can go to the pharmacy with this prescription. The mandatory health insurance reimburses a lot of medicines. Usually, the health insurance fund arranges this reimbursement directly with the pharmacist or the hospital and you only need to pay your personal share. You do have to show your eID or ISI+ card in order to verify your identity, or you can also provide an identification sticker.  

For some medicines, you must first get the permission of the advisory doctor of the health insurance fund before being entitled to a reimbursement.

Do you need medicines urgently, but you do not yet have an eID, or your affiliation has not yet been completed? In that case you pay the full amount at the pharmacist and you get a document 'annexe 30/Bijlage 30' from the pharmacist. As soon as your affiliation is completed, you can send the 'annexe 30/Bijlage 30' to Helan. The medicine will then be reimbursed soon.

Customised information

Whether you're in Belgium to work, study or stay here temporarily, for each situation we can provide additional information to get your registration right.

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  • And so much more

Our app is fully available in English

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What to do

... when taking a big step, on the verge of a milestone or when things are not going so well?

We are happy to guide you.

Frequently asked questions & answers

If you are not entitled to an electronic identity card, while being covered by Belgian social security (child, frontier worker), you can apply for the ISI+ card at your health insurance fund.

Health care providers, pharmacists and hospitals use the ISI+ card to identify you and access your health insurance information online. Remember: you can also use an identification sticker to identify the patient when visiting a health care provider or a pharmacist.

If you have a global medical record, your GP can monitor your health optimally, without duplicate and unnecessary examinations and costs. Moreover, your GP can refer you in a targeted way for specialized medical help. This will reduce your patient fee: you will pay less for your GP visits.

Ask your GP to open your global medical record. He or she can also open one for your child(ren). Your GP will then charge you an administrative contribution per calendar year, which is fully reimbursed by your health insurance fund. Your GP can administratively renew your global medical record directly with your health insurance fund. This way you don't have to advance that amount.

The health insurance funds make agreements with healthcare providers on prices in order to ensure that the patient don't get unpleasant financial surprises after visiting a doctor, dentist, physiotherapist, gynaecologist or any other healthcare provider.

  • Conventional doctors accept the tariff agreement with the health insurance funds and charge the official rates stipulated in this agreement.
  • Non-conventional doctors do not accept the agreement with the health insurance funds and determine their own fees.

People with a low family income may be entitled to an increased reimbursement. They receive more reimbursement for healthcare and can enjoy other financial benefits. Whether you may be entitled to the increased reimbursement depends on your family income.

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Do you need to prove that you are in order with Belgian mandatory health insurance during a doctor's visit while travelling? The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) entitles you to a refund for unexpected medical care. 

The EHIC proves that you can be reimbursed for medical care abroad. This way, you only have to pay the patient fees (and possible supplements) yourself.

More info about EHIC

You remain insured in Belgium as long as you still live or work here. If you want to close your file, please provide us with the municipality's model 8 or with proof of cessation of your Belgian employment.

Helan. More than just a health insurance fund.

Helan is there for everyone who wants to live consciously. Helan is all about well-being, in all its forms. We not only offer a smooth-running health insurance fund and reliable insurances, but also home care, maternity care, child care, domestic help, holiday camps and a healthcare shop.

Additional insurance

Additional insurances: Hospitalia & Dentalia

Braces, crowns or implants: everyone knows that beautiful teeth can cost a lot of money. That's why Helan has the solid dental insurance Dentalia Up for you. So you can keep smiling broadly.

Discover dental insurance Dentalia Up

You don't have to worry about hospital expenses either. The various Hospitalia hospitalisation insurances through Helan are affordable, and protect you from skyrocketing costs. Before, during and after your admission.

Discover hospitalisation insurances Hospitalia

Health Insurance Helan

Health insurance

Helan Health insurance not only provides fast reimbursements of your medical expenses, a replacement income when you are sick and personal advice from our staff, but also a wide range of benefits and additional reimbursements.

Discover our offer and all the benefits

Household help

Helan Household help

Helan Household help puts reliable hands to work for your household chores, such as cleaning and ironing. Professional domestic workers with proper training and coaching offer you a smooth and flexible service.

Werken als huishoudhulp
Maternity care

Maternity care

Do you need help for taking care of your baby or for light housework, or do you just want a quiet moment for yourself? A maternity carer will take some of these tasks off your hands and always assist you with advice. And above all, this is largely reimbursed.


Child care

Back to work after your maternity leave? Helan's childminders, day-care and after-school care centres welcome your child with open arms.

Home care

Home care

When you get older or ill, or when you need temporary care, we can help. With home care, care equipment, administrative help and useful advice.

Meer over kraamzorg

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Interested in working as a household help?

As a domestic helper you bring the extra pair of hands into the household of your clients. Thanks to you cleaning, ironing and cooking, they can enjoy more free time and they experience more comfort. The relationship between you and your customers is based on trust. 

Helan offers you a permanent job, with flexible hours. We also want to invest in you, because when you feel good, you perform best.

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