What to do in case of hospitalisation?

Before your hospitalisation

Planning a hospitalisation? Find out what you should think about before going to hospital.


After your hospitalisation

How to arrange the reimbursement of your hospital bill?


Hospital day care

Hospital day care planned? Find out what you need to arrange. From preparing yourself to being reimbursed.


Rehabilitation after hospitalisation

After a hospitalisation, you need to recover. Find out on which services you can count during your rehabilitation.


Smoothly to and from the hospital

Do you want to be taken back home in comfort after your procedure? Helan arranges your non-urgent medical transport. You may even be entitled to a refund of transport costs. We are happy to organise it for you.


What to do in case of illness or an accident?


An accident at home, at work or while playing sports? See what you need to arrange.


Your child is sick

Small children are regularly ill. Helan then jumps in with an experienced babysitter and refunds.


What to do in case of incapacity?

How to apply for a replacement income?

  • Are you a salaried employee/labourer? Report your incapacity for work the moment you become ill, and certainly before your guaranteed pay period expires. As a salaried employee, you are usually entitled to 30 calendar days' guaranteed pay, paid by your employer. As a labourer, this is usually 14 calendar days. Check with your employer whether this is also the case for you.
  • Are you self-employed? If you are unfit for work for more than 7 days, you can receive a sickness benefit as from the first day. To this end, you have to declare your incapacity for work within 8 calendar days, starting from the beginning of your work disability. 
  • Are you unemployed? Report your incapacity for work within 8 calendar days, starting from the beginning of your work disability. 

Do not postpone the declaration. This way, you avoid a financial penalty. About 45 days after we have received your correctly completed certificate, your first sickness benefit will be paid, provided we receive all necessary documents correctly completed within 30 days.

Keep track of your benefit file
Would you like to know if everything is in order for your sickness benefit to be paid? Follow the status of your file and subscribe to the payment notification in My Helan. You will know immediately if a benefit payment has been made.

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Compare our hospitalisation insurance

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