Dentalia Up Dental insurance policy

Insure your family against the high costs of dental care.

  • Reimbursements up to € 4000 per person 
  • Coverage for a large number of dental problems
  • Insured for expenses resulting from accidents or cancer from day one
  • No medical questionnaire to fill in
  • Insurance is available until the age of 64
Starting from €3,91 /month
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Receive up to €4000 in reimbursements for:

  • Orthodontics
  • Dentures
  • Implants
  • Periodontology
  • Preventive and curative dental care
  • Unexpected expenses (in the event of an accident or cancer)

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Practical questions and answers about your reimbursement payments and dental care.

What is covered with Dentalia Up?

Preventative dental care

Treatments that detect and address the onset of dental problems. Receive full reimbursements, right from your first day of coverage.

Affordable dental care with Dentalia Up.

Curative dental care

Need a dental cavity filled? Curative dental care is 50% or 80% reimbursed, depending on your preventive history.


Prostheses, implants and periodontolgy

Having dental replacements or treating gum disease? You will be reimbursed 50% or 80% for these treatments, depending on your preventive history.



Treatments to correct abnormal tooth positions in children and adolescents with braces or brackets will be reimbursed up to 60%.


Unexpected expenses

Dental care costs in the event of an accident or cancer will be reimbursed up to 100%, right from your first day that you are insured.


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Combine reimbursement payments from Dentalia Up with the Helan advantage Orthodontics for children.

Receive up to €1050 in reimbursements through Helan Health Insurance Fund!

Does your child need to wear braces? Then compulsory statutory health insurance will pay back some of it. And as a customer of Helan Health Insurance Fund you will get another €1050 back through your member benefit. But even then, the costs can still mount up. With Dentalia Up you can get you up to €2200 extra back for each course of treatment. This helps ensure that even the most expensive braces remain affordable.

So far, Helan's dental insurance
has helped
281,000 mouths
smile radiantly.

Do you have any practical questions about our dental insurance? We've compiled the most frequently asked questions and answers on this page.

Practical questions and answers

  • Stomatology and radiology not accessible to the dentist
  • Esthetic dental treatments
  • Orthodontics without the intervention of mandatory health insurance (mainly treatments for adults)
  • Expenses for which billing is illegal
  • Medicines

All reimbursements are subject to a specified maximum cap. This is a maximum amount you will be reimbursed per type of treatment or per year. We determine the maximum ceiling you are entitled to for your specific dental care by looking at your membership year. Reimbursements are cumulative by type of dental care.

There is no waiting period for preventive care, and in the event of an accident or cancer. There is a waiting period of six months for curative care, and12 months for orthodontics, periodontology, dentures and implants.

The annual caps for preventive and curative dental care are as follows:

  • first year of membership: €350
  • From the second year: €650
  • From the third year: €1,250

Cap per treatment for orthodontics, with start-up before the age of 15:

  • First year of membership: €0
  • From the second year: €650
  • From the third year: €1,050
  • From the fourth year: €1,800
  • From the tenth year: €2,200

Cap every two years for dentures, implants and periodontology:

  • First year of membership: €0
  • From the second year: €650
  • From the third year: €1,050
  • From the fourth year: €1,400
  • From the tenth year: €2,200

Cap for dental care of cancer patients:

€4,000 per patient

Cap for dental care in the event of an accident:

  • €4,000 per treatment

Yes. If you already have Dentalia Plus or similar insurance, and you switch to Dentalia Up, the waiting period for your dental insurance will be waived. The waiting period will be also waived if you need urgent dental care in the event of an accident or if you get cancer.

Yes. You can only join Dentalia Up if you are also a member of Helan Independent Health Insurance Fund.

Becoming a customer is quick and easy online. Would you prefer to have personal advice? Make an appointment.

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That is very easily done on My Helan. Keep a good record of invoices and provide them to us after they have been paid, along with your reimbursement application. We will then ensure that the reimbursement reaches your account quickly. 

Go to My Helan

You can download the membership certificate right away via My Helan.

  • Select the family members who you would like to download a certificate for. You will only be able to tick the family members who are members of Dentalia Up 
  • .
  • Click the 'download' button and we will automatically create a membership certificate for the selected family members.

Exactly how much you pay for dental insurance depends on your age and the number of people in your family. Dental insurance through Helan has an excellent price-quality ratio. View the rates here, conveniently presented in a table.

Dentalia Up is dental insurance with new conditions and additional options. Through this page, you will find a comprehensive comparison between Dentalia Plus and Dentalia Up.

What are the terms and conditions?

Wondering what exactly Dentalia Up insurance covers?

  • View the general conditions and info sheets for each of VMOB MLOZ Insurance's insurance products on our overview page.

You can join Dentalia Up  up to and including your 64th birthday.

Yes. Dentalia Up provides protection for your whole family: for your child, your partner and you. Every one of you deserves a sparkling smile. As a family insurance policy , it is mandatory to include everyone in your family, unless a family member already has similar insurance. 

Every insurance policy has a waiting period. This refers to the period of time spanning from the date that you join to when you can effectively start receiving reimbursements.

Not fun if you happen to need urgent dental care just at that moment. That's why Dentalia Up does not apply a waiting period in the event of an accident or a cancer diagnosis . Also, if you go to the dentist preventively, or if you already have similar insurance, the waiting period is waived.

  • No waiting period in case of accident or cancer.
  • No waiting period for preventive dental care.
  • six months waiting period for curative dental care.
  • 12 months waiting period for orthodontics, periodontics, dentures and implants.

You can stop your insurance at any time with a cancellation notice period of at least one month. The notice period starts on the first day of the month following the date you discontinued your insurance. You can find the standard cancellation form in My Helan. You can send it by registered post to: Boomsesteenweg 5, 2610 Wilrijk. You can also drop off your letter at your nearest Helan office or upload it via our contact form.

Think carefully before you decide to stop your insurance. Dental care is becoming increasingly expensive. Dentalia Up offers comprehensive reimbursements for preventive and curative dental care, orthodontics, dentures and implants, as well as costs related to an accident or cancer. Make an appointment with an adviser if you have questions about your insurance or premium contributions.

Your affiliation with Dentalia Up starts on the first day of the month following the month in which we received the affiliation forms.


  • We received the signed affiliation forms on 25 October
  • Your affiliation starts on 1 November

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