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Thanks to our mobile app for Android and iPhone, you can log in to Helan Household Help quickly and easily. This will ensure the cooperation with your cleaner and consultant is fast, convenient and efficient.

Download the Helan Household Help app

The Helan Household Help app is super convenient

You can always rely on Helan Household Help for fast and reliable service. For even greater convenience, use the Helan Household Help app.

  • your customer file and data
  • your household help's schedule
  • missing service vouchers
  • available times of your household helper (and book extra hours yourself)
Contact us
  • get in touch with your consultant
  • request extra help
  • cancel a cleaning visit
Get notifications
  • if your household help is absent
  • in the event of closing days
  • when your household help arrives for the first time
Good to know

Good to know

Via the app you can easily consult your customer file at Helan Household Help. You can manage your file in a secure way.

Praktische vragen en antwoorden

To do this, activate notifications. Then you get notifications when your schedule changes. For example, if your household helper is absent, or has a new, open time slot.

  1. Tap ‘Settings’.
  2. Select ‘Push notifications’.
  3. Select the type of notifications you want to receive.

Is your regular household helper going on holiday and would you like a replacement for a scheduled cleaning appointment? 

  1. You will receive a message through the app.
  2. Click on 'Scheduling'.
  3. Click 'Replacement'.
  4. Your consultant will receive your request and process it as soon as possible.

Has your household helper damaged an item in your home? Would you like to report the damage? 

  1. Click on 'Contact'.
  2. Complete the 'Feedback' field.
  3. Send along a photo of the claim, if necessary. 
  4. Your consultant will receive your claim and process it as soon as possible.

You can cancel your household helper up to four times a year at no cost. Please allow at least five working days' notice for a cancellation. In the event of a late cancellation, we must charge for the cleaning service.

Cancelling a cleaning can easily be done through the Household Help app:

  1. Click on 'Scheduling'.
  2. Select the cleaning appointment you wish to cancel.
  3. Click on the bin.
  4. Your consultant will receive your cancellation request and process it as soon as possible.

Have you moved house? Need to change your contact details, such as your phone number or email address? 

  1. Click 'Settings'.
  2. Select 'Contact details'.
  3. Enter your new contact details. Please also indicate when the change will take effect.
  4. Your consultant will receive your amendments and process them as soon as possible.

You can share your household helper's free time slots, or the name of a household helper who was replacing your regular helper, with your contacts. It's a win-win for everyone: you help your friends and family as well as our housecleaners.

  1. Tap ‘Extra’.
  2. Select ‘Open time slots’.
  3. Select your housecleaner.
  4. Select the open time slot that you want to share.
  5. Tap ‘Share’.
  6. Select your contact and channel and tap ‘Send’.

Your acquaintance will receive all the details and can now contact us without any obligation.

Please refer to the terms and conditions in the Household Help app.

  1. Click ‘Settings’.
  2. Select‘Contract’.
  3. The terms and conditions will be displayed.
  4. Tap the cross at the top right to close.

Have your schedule at your fingertips at all times

Communicate with your consultant, make a change to your schedule or give notice of holidays. It can all be done in the blink of an eye, with the  Household help app, no matter where you are. Download it here.

<p>It's super easy to communicate with your consultant, change your schedule or take days off. With the &nbsp;<strong>Household Help app, </strong>you have everything under control, wherever you are. Download it here</a>.</p>

Do you have a question, comment or suggestion?

On this page  you can find answers to various practical questions. Can't find the answer to your question or have a suggestion for us? Contact us via the contact form. We will help you as soon as possible.

Specific question about your household help? Request the contact details of your consultant here.

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