Practical agreements

Your household helper visits for the first time

Which equipment should you provide? What tasks are they permitted and not permitted to do ? Everything you need to know for your household helper's first visit.

Pay with service vouchers

How do you order service vouchers? How do you pay for household help? Learn more here.

Scheduling or cancelling household help

Can you choose when your household helper comes by? Can you schedule extra household help? Can you cancel a household help appointment? Everything you need to know about scheduling your household help.

Customer fee

You will be charged a customer fee. Learn exactly what this means and how it is invoiced here.

How should I communicate with my household helper?

Will you be at home when your household helper visits? In that case, give your feedback to your household helper in person. If you are not at home, use the Poetswijzer. You will find tips on how to have an effective conversation here.

What is needed for my household helpers to work safely?

Your household helper will work with the equipment and products you have on hand. A few items are mandatory for certain tasks. This allows your household helper to work safely. Together, go over the equipment and products you have and see whether it is necessary to purchase additional items. Click here for a full list of safe equipment and products.

Which tasks may your household helper perform?"


Your household helper may vacuum, mop, cook, sew, iron, dust and wash windows in the part of your home that you use personally.  

There are some tasks your household helper may not do. This is because they are unsafe, can harm health or are prohibited by law. This avoids causing our household helpers physical complaints and means you can rely on an extra pair of hands all the time.

You can find a list of all the tasks that may and may not be performed by household

What may/may not be done when temperatures are extremely hot/cold?

An outdoor household task? No problem for your household helper. Except when it is very cold or hot outdoors, of course. Then it is better to postpone it for a while. Tips and tricks for working in extremely hot or cold temperatures can be read here.

How are my household helpers trained?

Naturally, we make sure your household helper receives the necessary training. For that reason, a cleaning coach may stop by occasionally, to provide training at the workplace. Of course we will notify you in advance and will not charge anything for this. Read more about it in this blog.

What to do in the event of damage or an accident?

Rest assured. Our household helpers are trained to work safely. What if something nevertheless goes wrong? Then we are comprehensively insured for damage and work-related accidents.

  • Damage: Helan will get involved from 250 euros in damage. Inform your consultant of the claim within seven days. So we can take the necessary actions. Make the claim declaration in the app or send an email to your consultant.
  • Accident: has your household helper had an accident in your home, such as a fallen down the stairs? Alert the emergency services or a doctor first, if it is serious. After that, notify your consultant.

How can I apply for service vouchers, as a carer?

As a carer, you can ask for a power of attorney to manage the service vouchers of someone who is unable to do so. You can apply for this from Pluxee (Sodexo) using this form

What are the general terms and conditions?

Read our general terms and conditions here.

Have your schedule at your fingertips at all times

Communicate with your consultant, make a change to your schedule or give notice of holidays. It can all be done in the blink of an eye, with the Household Help app, no matter where you are. Download it here.


Do you have a question, comment or suggestion?

You'll find plenty of answers to practical questions on this page . Still have an unanswered question or suggestion? Contact us using the contact form. We will assist you as soon as possible.

Do you have a specific question about your household help? You can also request your consultant's contact details this way.

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