EHIC, the European Health Insurance Card

Need to prove you’re in good standing with the Belgian legal health insurance when visiting a doctor on a trip abroad? The European Health Insurance Card entitles you to a refund for unforeseen medical expenses. 

What are the conditions?

The European Health Insurance Card serves as proof for obtaining reimbursement of medical expenses incurred abroad. That way, you only have to pay the patient’s contribution (and any supplements) yourself.

  • The EHIC only takes into account statutory costs, not co-patient's contributions or supplements.
  • The EHIC serves only for urgent or unforeseen medical expenses. Does it cover planned health care? Let your health insurance company know before you leave.
  • Care is provided during a temporary stay abroad (a trip, for example).
  • The card is personal, so apply for an EHIC for each family member.
  • The European Health Insurance Card is not accepted by private hospitals or healthcare providers.

Deutschsprachige Informationen über die EKVK finden Sie hier. (You can find German-language information related to the EKVK here.)

How to apply for an EHIC

A European health insurance card is not compulsory, but it is useful if you need medical care abroad. You can apply for the card in several ways:

Via your smartphone

  • With the My Helan app you always have a digital version of the European Health Insurance Card in your pocket.
  • Sign up and click on 'apply for travel documents'.
  • Click where it says 'Click HERE for your digital card' and immediately see your EHIC digitally in the app.
  • Once your card is activated in your account, it will be available in the app throughout its validity period. Open the My Helan app and tap the 'Cards' icon at the bottom right of the screen. Your digital EHIC (and that of your family members) is available there, even offline: ideal for use abroad!

Still prefer it on paper?

  • Order your EHIC with just a few clicks in your My Helan account.
  • Go to your account in My Helan. Click on the 'Order a travel document' button.
  • Enter the country of your destination and the date of your departure and return.
  • Click on the 'Request document' button.
  • We will send your EHIC by post within 10 working days.
  • Are you going abroad in less than 10 working days? If so, we will not be able to deliver your EHIC in time. In that case, request a digital attestation. You will get that in your inbox a few minutes after your request.
  • Don't have a My Helan account? Contact us.
difference ehic and mediphone assist

What is the difference between the EHIC and Mediphone Assist?

  • The EHIC is proof that you are in order with legal health insurance. This card ensures that legal medical expenses are reimbursed.
  • Mediphone Assist is an additional service provided by Helan. They assist you with advice, arrange repatriation or ensure reimbursement for urgent hospitalisation.

Which countries are covered?

Not every country expects you to have the European Health Insurance Card in your pocket. Via my Helan discover the necessary documents for your next travel destination.

  • The European Health Insurance Card is valid in all EU member states plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, United Kingdom and Switzerland.
  • Are you going to Australia temporarily? On presentation of your passport and your EHIC at a local Medicare office, you will get a Medicare Card.
  • For a temporary stay in a country outside this zone (such as Canada, Japan, South Africa, etc.), it is best to take out additional travel insurance with an insurance company.

Deutschsprachige Informationen über die EKVK finden Sie hier.


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