How to report questions, concerns or complaints to us

Suggestions, concerns and complaints about the day-to-day operations of the health insurance fund, or concerning the management and implementation of the Hospitalia, Dentalia and Medicalia insurance products should preferably first be discussed with our employees.


Talk to an employee first 

Do you have questions about reimbursements, a problem with your health insurance fund dossier or your insurance products? If so, contact your health insurance fund first through:

Send us an email

By phone on 02 218 22 22 (Monday – Thursday: 8:30–17:00, Friday: 8.30–16.30).

Questions about your health insurance fund or insurance policy? Click here.

Unable to work it out together?

Have you not been able to find a solution jointly with one of our colleagues? Then you can take the issue to our ombudsman. Every comment from a Helan customer is important to us. We will work with you to find the best solution. Based on your suggestions or complaints, the ombudsman can make recommendations to Helan Health Insurance Fund so that service can be improved. Please note: the ombudsman is unable to respond to informative questions about reimbursements or your health insurance dossier. Kindly contact your health insurance fund for such information.

How to submit a suggestion or a complaint:

  • Complete the suggestion form and send it.
  • By post to the following address: Helan Onafhankelijk ziekenfonds - t.a.v. Ombudsman - Boomsesteenweg 5 in 2610 Wilrijk.

Please include your customer number and your contact details. Kindly also report the answer you have already received from an employee regarding your concern.

Protection of your privacy

Specific questions about the protection of your personal data can be submitted on this page.