Affordable hospitalisation insurance when you retire

Many people have hospitalisation insurance through their employer. If you retire from or lose your loss, the policy ends and you have to take care of remaining insured yourself. We have compiled a list of the various options below.

Uninterrupted insurance with Hospitalia Continuity

Hospitalia Continuity is Helan's waiting insurance policy. This policy ensures that you are instantly and affordably reinsured if you should lose your employer-sponsored hospitalisation insurance. Moreover, there is no waiting period, no new medical questionnaire and no additional, age-related surcharge.

Our advice: get the waiting insurance Hospitalia Continuity well before you retire. That way you keep the premium as low as possible and always have peace of mind.

Peace of mind with Hospitalia Continuity

Discover our waiting policy offering continuous coverage

Taking over your current insurance

The Verwilghen Act gives every employee the right to personally continue their employer-sponsored group hospitalisation insurance. This means that if you retire from or lose your job, you can remain protected. You cannot be refused because of your age or health condition. This entitlement applies not only to you, but also to your co-insured persons (such as any family members who were also insured through your employer-sponsored policy).

Be sure to consider the premiums. They will often be more expensive than they were during your employment. So, inform yourself well in advance.

Purchasing new insurance

You can also purchase completely new hospitalisation insurance when you retire. You can buy it either from a health insurance fund or a private insurer.

What should you look out for? 

  • Cover: don't compare apples and oranges. Look carefully at what the insurance covers so that there are no surprises in the event of a hospital admission.
  • Price: do not just ask about the price at the purchase time. Find out what the cost will be in the years to come. This is because insurance premiums go up along with your age.
  • Terms and conditions: is there a waiting period, age limit or medical limitation? Find out about it ahead of time. Some policies do not accept new customers who are over a certain age, and there is usually a waiting period of at least six months for new customers. You may also be subject to a limitation or exclusion based on a medical questionnaire. 

Hospitalia hospitalisation insurance policies

Complete peace of mind with Hospitalia

Don't lie awake worrying about high hospital bills. Helan’s Hospitalia insurance ensures that you are well protected. Choose the insurance that suits you best from the three Hospitalia policies.

Discover our hospitalisation insurance policies

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