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  • Telephone to call in sick, if you are standing in front of a closed door or for other urgent matters.
  • Send an email or text to request time off, to communicate a change in schedule, to request a document or regarding an interview.


  • First, notify the customers you are are seeing today!
  • Notify your consultant by phone between 8am and 8:30am.
  • Go to your GP and let your consultant know by phone how long you will be absent.
  • Send us your sick note by email within 48 hours.
  • Notify your consultant.
  • Go to the doctor, if necessary.
  • The doctor must tick ‘accident’ on your sick note and complete a medical certificate for the accident insurance company.
  • Send us your absence certificate by email within 48 hours.
  • We ask customers to have a first aid (EHBO) kit available at all times. Do you know where it is?"
  •      First and foremost, make sure you are safe. 
  • Tend to your injury by following the first aid instructions
  • .
  • Notify your consultant so that this can be registered as a first aid accident
  • Cleaning all rooms in the customer's home.
  • Ironing in the customer's home.
  • Preparing meals.
  • Minor clothing repairs.
  • Small errands/light shopping for the customer, on foot.
  • You may not clean in common areas of an apartment building. You may only clean in the customer's personal living areas.
  • You may not clean in a practice room, shop or workshop. You may only clean in the customer's personal living areas.
  • We do not perform hazardous tasks. Only use step ladders with a maximum of three steps.
  • We do not perform any unhealthy tasks. Do not use ammonia, bleach or chlorine.
  • We do not perform inappropriate work.
  • We do not babysit children.
  • We do not babysit pets.
  • You may not clean at the homes of any family members up to and including the second degree.
    Not allowed: parents, parents-in-law, grandparents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law.
  • You may not clean for persons living at your own address.
  • Please notify your customer and your consultant.
  • You do not have to pay for damages yourself.
  • If possible, take a photo shortly after the event.
  • If the damage is valued at more than €150, the customer can file a claim.
  • The customer should send an email to schadeclaim@helan.be. 
  • Your consultant or the claims service will provide you with documents for the insurance.
  • Fill in the documents as soon as possible and return them to your consultant or the claims service.
  • The file will be handled by the claims service after that.
  • You never have to pay for damage you have caused!
  • Your customer may cancel a cleaning appointment four times a year free of charge. Your customer must notify the consultant in writing. This can be done by email or through the app.
  • Did the customer notify you of the cancellation? Then ask them to cancel through the consultant and check that this is reflected in your schedule afterwards.
  • You can either have a holiday or a substitute appointment with another customer. Arrange this with your consultant.
  • Try to reach the customer first.
  • Notify your consultant if the customer cannot be reached.
  • If possible, put a note in the letterbox.
  • Wait 15 minutes or for permission from your consultant to leave.
  • Would you like to start earlier or later? Notify your consultant by text message. And don't forget to inform your customer, too.
    Please note: changes should also always be communicated on the day itself.
    Are you working extra hours? Notify your consultant by email or text message.
    Please note: changes should also always be communicated on the day itself.
  • Are you changing a customer's cleaning appointment day? Notify your consultant by email or text message.
  • Do you need to leave urgently due to family circumstances? Telephone your consultant to let them know.
  • Do you want to make a permanent change to your schedule? Discuss it over the phone with your consultant.
    • Stay calm, keep your distance and assert your personal boundaries.
    • Exit the room or the client's home if the situation escalates.
    • Call the police if necessary.
    • Report all transgressive behaviour to your consultant immediately.
    • You can also contact our confidential counsellors: anne.deschuyteneer@helan.be, ann.de.keyser@helan.be, stefanie.mulleman@helan.be, an.baekelandt@helan.be
    • €400 for bringing in a new household helper.
      You will receive the bonus once the new household helper has been permanently employed for two months.
    • €800 for bringing in a new office worker.
      You will receive the bonus once the new colleague has been permanently employed for two months.
    • €50 for introducing a new Household Help customer.
      You will receive the bonus once the customer has had two cleaning appointments.
    • €130 for introducing a new Health Insurance Fund customer.
      You will receive the bonus as soon as this person becomes a customer.
    • 10% employee discount at Helan Zorgwinkel.
      When making your purchase, mention that you are a Helan employee. All kinds of discounts are available through http://helan.benefitsatwork.be.
    • 10% discount at Helan holiday homes.
    • €10 discount on discovery camps (ontdekkingskampen) and 10% discount on experience camps (belevingskampen) by Heyo.


    • Free work clothes.
    • A free vaccination against the flu.
    • The possibility to see the occupational physician.
    • Annual staff party or family day.
    • The opportunity to attend training courses.
    • The opportunity to lease a (electric) bicycle.
    • You will need a note from the consulting physician at your health insurance fund or work accident insurance company stating the number of hours you can work. 
    • You need to do this before you start working part time. You must always follow the schedule you agreed (with the doctor), unless you are allowed an exception. 
    • For the hours for which you have a contract and cannot work, you will receive a supplement from the health insurance fund or work accident insurance. 
    • You are not entitled to guaranteed pay. This means that you are not paid for the hours you do not work. Those hours are covered by your health insurance or work accident insurance.
    • Please submit paper service vouchers to the administration twice a month.
    • Send your paper vouchers on the first and the sixteenth of each month.
    • Put the paper vouchers in a yellow envelope and deposit them in a Helan Letter Box: you can find their locations here
    • .
    • Or send the paper vouchers via post. Don't forget to put a stamp on the envelope.
      Helan Huishoudhulp
      Attn: Accounting Department
      Gistelsesteenweg 294 bus 1
      8200 Sint-Andries
    • The customer pays us with service vouchers and in addition we ask for a customer fee of €120 per year.
      We use the proceeds from the service vouchers to pay your wages.
    • We use the customer fees to pay for everything else: your work clothes, coaching and training, a consultant for you and the client, all administration and bookkeeping.
    • We pay salary advances on the first working day after the 15th day of each month. Depending on your bank, it may take a few days for the advance to appear in your account.
    • We pay the salary settlement on the second working day of the following month.
      Depending on your bank, it may take a few days for the salary to appear in your account.
    • If you are entitled to the end-of-year bonus, you will receive a document from the Social Fund for Service Vouchers (Sociaal Fonds voor de Dienstencheques) during the month of November.
    • The document consists of two boxes: A and B.
      Box A lists your bank account number. If the account number is not pre-printed or it is not a correct account number you must fill in Box B with a correct bank account number and send it back to the Social Fund. 
      The account number is correct: you should do nothing with the document.
    • Payment of your end-of-year bonus will be made automatically at the beginning of December to your account number.
    • Please submit your RJV holiday certificate through your consultant.
    • The RJV holiday certificate states your entitlement to holidays and allows the HR department to calculate your holiday entitlements.

    The list for home ironing can be found here.

    Helan Health Insurance Fund provides a VIP service for Helan Household Help employees. You will be given an email address and phone number for all your health insurance questions. Read more.

    Syndicate delegation Contact person Telephone number
    ABVV Leslie Rutsaert 
    Saskia Burgstede 
    Gerda Jennis 
    Ilse Antonis 
    Vanessa Finjaer
    Philip Cauwels
    Beata Klimkiewicz
    0497 47 48 97
    0496 64 71 46
    0474 27 68 79
    0496 04 13 69
    0485 32 50 21
    0484 26 01 96
    0497 06 01 77
    ACV Kristel Delhoune 
    Inge De Kegel 
    Tamara Vermeiren 
    Kelly Timmerman 
    Sabine Van Dam 
    Cindy De Smet
    Hannelore De Vos
    Davina Simon
    Rita De Laet
    0471 46 92 41
    0498 28 85 47
    0494 17 00 22
    0473 52 05 72
    0493 70 94 12
    0484 78 92 08
    0473 41 25 29
    0472 03 01 77
    0475 58 39 70
    ACLVB Patricia De Beule 
    Ann Vermeulen
    Martine Van De Cauter
    Carine De Vuyst
    0478 30 12 73
    0475 93 75 91
    0496 38 10 25
    0472 37 81 70

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