Housecleaning help with service vouchers

  • Help with household chores at home
  • A regular domestic helper is available to help you
  • Arrange help to suit your schedule
  • Pay with service vouchers

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Order in your home as well as peace of mind

At Helan Household Help, we have over 14 years of experience . We are always fine-tuning our organisation and expanding our network. Today, we have more than 3,400 household helpers under our wings. And you get to enjoy the benefit of those efforts. Our household helpers are motivated and well-trained, so that your house looks spotless every time. Enjoy order in your home and in your mind.

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Practical tips

You can rely on us

Always reachable through a dedicated contact person

A bit of paperwork is inevitable to ensure your household helper's schedule and monitoring runs as it should. Ask your dedicated contact person at Helan Household Help any questions you may have. No stress!

Household help from the Helan Cleaning and ironing service? You can rely on us!

Properly trained household helpers

Helan Household Help invests in its employees. You can rely on having a reliable and well-trained housecleaner. Consider it a guarantee for a spotless house, every time.


Helan Household Help is for everyone

Whether or not you are a client at Helan Health Insurance Fund, you can rely on our service: an affordable and dependable household help, with service vouchers. This provides assurance, for both the housecleaners and for yourself.

What about the 60-euro household help customer fee? We pay that for you.

Already a Helan customer? Get a 55-euro discount

Are you a customer of Helan Health Insurance Fund? If so, you will pay a 65-euro customer fee each year. Your health insurance fund will take care of the remaining 55 euros.

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Household help

Do you already have a household helper?

Already have a household helper? Enrol him or her at Helan and enjoy the benefits together. Your cleaning assistant will receive a permanent contract, attractive fringe benefits and coaching. You can use service vouchers advantageously, and are insured if something were to happen.

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“I work fulltime and take evening classes to obtain my teaching diploma. I'm so glad that I can rely on Teresa to keep our house clean every week. I don't know how I would have time over to spend with my children otherwise.”

Kim, 38 years old

Have your schedule at your fingertips at all times

Communicate with your consultant, make a change to your schedule or give notice of holidays. It can all be done in the blink of an eye, with the Household Help app, no matter where you are. Download it here.


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You'll find plenty of answers to practical questions on this page . Still have an unanswered question or suggestion? Contact us using the contact form. We will assist you as soon as possible.

Do you have a specific question about your household help? You can also request your consultant's contact details this way.

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