Identification stickers

Every paper document you send to your health insurance fund by post must be identified. This is why you should always put an identification sticker on it. Have you run out of stickers? You can order them whenever you want.

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What’s an identification sticker for?

Thanks to the customer data on your sticker, we can quickly find your file.

Every paper document you send to your health insurance fund by post must be identified. That is why you should always put a sticker on every document.

You don't need to put a sticker on documents you send us digitally using My Helan or the My Helan-App. We can identify them immediately thanks to your login

Would you like to order stickers for someone else, but you don't have access to his or her My Helan account? Then please contact us.

Are you waiting for a reimbursement? Activate the notification through text or email in My Helan. This way, you’ll get a notification with every payment.

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How do you order identification stickers?

Have you run out of stickers? You can reorder them at any time.

Order them easily thanks to My Helan or by phone.
  • Using the My Helan smartphone app 
  • At  My Helan 
  • By phone: call T. 02 218 22 22 and select self-service. Have your national number ready to complete the order.
  • If you want to order them for someone else:  Please contact us.

You will find them in your mailbox within 10 working days

Do you urgently need new stickers? Simply go to My Helan, you can print them yourself.

What's on an identification sticker?

An identification sticker shows several details:

  • Your national registry number. This consists of 11 digits, starting with the year, month and day of your birth.
  • The 'Lid nr': this is your member number with Helan Onafhankelijk ziekenfonds. It consists of 13 digits. Do you have an additional insurance with Helan? Then this number is also the affiliation or policy number of your insurance.
  • The number at the bottom right consists of 2 times 3 digits. This code indicates exactly what you are insured for.
  • Bar code: we use this to scan all documents and assign them immediately to the correct customer file.

Good to know

In urgent need of identification stickers? Order new ones for yourself and your family thanks to My Helan, or print them right away!

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