Day admission

Do you have to undergo a minor procedure in hospital? Then chances are you will be allowed to return home the same day. An admission without an overnight stay is called a day admission or one-day hospitalisation. You can also rely on reimbursement from your hospitalisation insurance in the event of a day admission. 

What is a day admission?

It could be for treatments like keyhole surgery, a minor surgical procedure, wisdom tooth extraction or treatment of varicose veins. All are procedures in which you are (fully) anaesthetised and would need to occupy a hospital bed for a certain period of time. As the word suggests, these are cases for which you are admitted to hospital for just one day, and are allowed to return home the same day.  

What does your hospitalisation insurance cover?

Even though you are only in hospital for one day, there are costs associated with your admission. This is where the hospitalisation insurance comes in.

There is sometimes confusion between a day admission and 'outpatient care' which you receive in hospital, in a plaster or decompression room, for example. These outpatient treatments are settled via an ‘outpatient bill’ and are usually only reimbursed by your insurer if there is a connection with a recent hospital admission.

When do you need hospitalisation insurance? 

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