Everything you need to know about hospitalisation insurance

A hospitalisation insurance policy is an extra insurance that you take in addition to your membership of a health insurance fund. The health insurance fund will reimburse some of the costs of your hospitalisation. But not all of them. Hospitalisation insurance ensures that those other expenses are also covered.

Note: Not all hospitalisations are covered by the health insurance fund. If the admission is not covered by mandatory health insurance, you will also not get reimbursement through your hospitalisation insurance.

What does hospitalisation insurance cover?

With Hospitalia hospitalisation insurance, you can choose between three plans. The plan you choose depends on your personal circumstances. For example, there are differences in cover for pre-admission and aftercare, the room and doctor surcharges and Hospitalia Assist.

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What are the conditions?

There are some conditions attached to hospitalisation insurance. For instance, you have to have had the insurance for a certain period of time before you can receive reimbursements from your insurance. This is known as the waiting period. Furthermore, there may also be an age limit . This means you can no longer get a particular insurance policy at a certain age. In addition, you are required to be customer of Helan Health Insurance Fund to join one of our insurance policies.


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When can you benefit from hospitalisation insurance? 

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What does hospitalisation insurance cost?

The price of hospitalisation insurance depends on several factors. On the one hand, the amount of cover determines the cost. The higher the coverage, the more expensive the insurance. On the other hand, age is also a factor. The earlier you get hospitalisation insurance, the lower the rates are. Refer to our handy price table to find out how much hospitalisation insurance will cost for you and your family.

How can you join?

You can buy hospitalisation insurance in several ways. Online, on paper or through an appointment with one of our advisers. To join the fund, you complete an affiliation form and a medical questionnaire and sign both documents.

Need advice or guidance?

Do you have a question about our policies, coverages or prices? We'd be happy to help! You can contact one of our customer advisers through a variety of channels. Together we will look at your question or circumstances.