Does my hospitalisation insurance cover my childbirth expenses?  

When you are pregnant, you ideally want to be completely focused on your future family, instead of lying awake at night worrying about medical expenses. You can depend on your Helan hospitalisation insurance policy during your pregnancy and childbirth. Read more about hospitalisation insurance cover of your pregnancy and childbirth on this page.

What does my hospitalisation insurance cover?

The admission expenses and pre-admission care and aftercareare covered in line with the Hospitalia policy plan you have chosen. Check the overview to see what is reimbursed.

If you have either Hospitalia Medium or Hospitalia Plus, then you can rely on receiving up to €20 per day for maternity care after your hospitalisation. You can request this reimbursement for a maximum of seven days per childbirth, counting from the day following the day you leave hospital. This benefit is not available under the Hospitalia policy.

Are home births covered?

A home birth is not actually a hospital admission. Nevertheless, you can still depend on your Helan hospitalisation insurance for reimbursements:

  • Hospitalia: a single, lump sum of €300 for all expenses 
  • Hospitalia Medium and Plus: a single, lump sum of €700 for all expenses

These flat rates include pre-admission care and aftercare expenses. So, you can no longer submit claims for expenses from these periods separately.


I want to purchase insurance during my pregnancy

Are you pregnant, and would still like to purchase hospitalisation insurance? Inform yourself well in advance, as limitations in cover will apply, even if you already have insurance with another insurance fund. Expect a waiting period of nine months. Read more about buying insurance while pregnant.

Would you like to add your baby to your hospitalisation insurance

Do you have Hospitalia, Hospitalia Medium or Hospitalia Plus? Then your newborn baby can be enrolled immediately, without a waiting period and without a medical questionnaire.* That means your little one will have good insurance from day one.

*Please note: This rule only applies if you, as a parent, have had one of our Hospitalia insurance policies for more than six months, or if the waiting period is not applicable in your case.

Depend on Helan benefits and services

When giving birth, you can not only depend on receiving extensive reimbursements from your hospitalisation insurance. Helan also provides a wide range of additional services and benefits. 

For example, you can arrange childcare through our childcare service and request extra household help through our cleaning and ironing service. And later, your little one can have fun at a Heyo holiday camp.

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