Does my hospitalisation insurance cover doctor surcharges?

If you are a patient in hospital, you will in some cases have to pay a doctor surcharge. What does this kind of surcharge include? And more importantly, how can you protect yourself from any potentially high costs? Find out all about it on this page.

What is a doctor surcharge?

The doctor surcharge is anadditional amount that doctors may charge on top of their fee. The amount of the surcharge is not fixed and will depend on the room type you choose when you are admitted to hospital.

A doctor surcharge is applied only if you choose a single room. So, for a room occupied by two or more people, the doctor surcharge is not applicable. 

When is the surcharge not applied?

  • In the event of emergency admission
  • When no other room type is available
  • When you are admitted to ‘ intensive care’
  • When your health condition requires a single room
  • When an admitted child has an accompanying parent
  • If no admission declaration for a single room was signed

What is the difference between a room surcharge and a doctor surcharge?

The hospital charges a room surcharge when you choose a single room for your admission. A doctor surcharge is an additional supplement that doctors invoice for their services when you stay in a single room.

Both surcharges may not be charged in a double or multi-occupancy room. 

Does my hospitalisation insurance cover doctor surcharges?

Certain doctor surcharges are included in your hospitalisation insurance. 

Day admission:

  • Hospitalia, Hospitalia Medium and Hospitalia Plus reimburse up to 100% of the statutory rate. 

Advice: for a day admission, it is therefore best to opt for a double or multi-occupancy room, regardless of which hospitalisation insurance you have with Helan.

Multi-day admission:

  • Hospitalia: reimbursements of up to 100% of the statutory rate
  • Hospitalia Medium: reimbursements of up to 200% of the statutory rate
  • .
  • Hospitalia Plus: reimbursements of up to 300% of the statutory rate. 

Please note: UZ Gent and several other hospitals in Brussels and Wallonia charge especially high rates. On admission to a single room at one of these hospitals, a deductible of €150 is charged to the patient.