Medical questionnaire for hospitalisation insurance

Are you purchasing one of our hospitalisation insurance policies? Then we will ask you to complete a medical questionnaire. Read more here about what that involves.

What is a medical questionnaire?

A medical questionnaire is requested by every (health insurance fund or private) insurer when you want to purchase hospitalisation insurance . In the questionnaire there are questions about your medical situation and medical history. They help the insurer identify existing conditions in advance.

A medical questionnaire may only inquire about your health status. No questions may be asked about genetic data. So, an insurer should never inquire about diseases that run in your family. 

What limitations may be imposed?

Your medical questionnaire will be submitted to the consulting physicians of the Landsbond van de Onafhankelijke Ziekenfondsen (national association of independent health insurance funds). 

Did you answer 'yes' somewhere? Then you will be sent a letter. It contains a request to send a medical report to the health insurance fund. You simply request this report from your GP or physician. The Landsbond van de Onafhankelijke Ziekenfondsen will make a decision about your eligibility based on that report. 

Don't worry, we will never exclude you because of a medical condition, and your monthly premium will not be higher because of it.  The only thing that may result is a limitation. This means that for your medical condition, you will get only a limited reimbursement if you opt for a single room

If you are staying in a double-occupancy room, the limitation is not taken into account and you will receive the standard level of reimbursement (according to the terms of your insurance policy).  

What if the medical questionnaire was filled in incorrectly?

We recommend completing the medical questionnaire truthfully. If it is found that the questionnaire contains inaccuracies or is incomplete, reimbursement payments will be refused.

When will my hospitalisation insurance start?

Have you completed the medical questionnaire and submitted your application? Then your hospitalisation insurance takes effect on the first day of the following month (provided you are a member of the health insurance fund). However, there is a waiting period of six months. Read more about the waiting period.

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