What if your employer-sponsored hospitalisation insurance ends?

Do you have group hospitalisation insurance through your employer? That's a nice non-statutory perk. But what do you do if your contract ends? Avoid any unpleasant surprises. Read everything you need to know on this page.

What is group hospitalisation insurance?

When you agree your employment contract, you may receive some non-statutory benefits, such as group hospitalisation insurance. Your employer will then pay for your hospitalisation insurance. This is obviously a nice perk. After all, you no longer have to pay for hospitalisation insurance yourself. But what if you change jobs? What about retirement, redundancy or if your employer discontinues operations? Are you still insured? 

What happens if you stop working for your employer?


If your contract with your current employer ends, you can continue the collective hospitalisation insurance on an individual basis. In such a situation, chances are that the premiums will be considerably more expensive. You can also switch to another insurer, but you will have to complete a medical questionnaire again. You may also have to pay a higher monthly contribution because you are a bit older.

To avoid this situation, Helan offers the option of taking out the waiting policy Hospitalia Continuity. What if you decide to switch back to Hospitalia, Hospitalia Medium or Hospitalia Plus at a later date? Then there will be no waiting period, no medical questionnaire to complete, and no additional premium to pay. Plus, with Hospitalia Continuity waiting policy, you will benefit from a number of other advantages.

When do you need hospitalisation insurance? 

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Play it safe with the Hospitalia Continuity waiting policy

Hospitalia Continuity is a waiting insurance policy for people with group hospitalisation insurance. If your group insurance is discontinued, for example due to redundancy or retirement, you can switch back to a fully fledged hospitalisation insurance policy through Helan.

You will pay a small monthly contribution for this insurance, and will get several guarantees:

  • Without a waiting period: Would you like to switch to Hospitalia, Hospitalia Medium or Hospitalia Plus if your employer-sponsored hospitalisation insurance ends, then you can do that easily and with no waiting period.
  • No new medical questionnaire: If you fall ill during the period that you have Hospitalia Continuity, there is no limitation when you switch to a regular hospitalisation insurance.
  • No age-related surcharge: Your monthly contribution for hospitalisation insurance through Helan depends on your age at the time you purchase your insurance. The older you are, the higher your premium. If you do not have the Hospitalia Continuity policy and purchase new hospitalisation insurance after age 46, you will be in a higher premium category. So, the earlier you get your waiting policy, the lower your future premium for a personal hospitalisation insurance policy will be. 

Extra benefits of Hospitalia Continuity

In addition to the above guarantees, a waiting policy also offers a number of additional benefits. With a group hospitalisation insurance policy, you may have to pay a deductible. This means that per calendar year, for example, you have to pay the first €150 of your admission expenses.

If you also have Hospitalia Continuity waiting insurance, you will be reimbursed up to €50 per admission day of this deductible. You will also receive a reimbursement of up to €50 for hospital costs not covered by your group insurance in the event of a day admission in Belgium or hospitalisation in a Belgian or foreign hospital.

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