What type of room is covered under my hospitalisation insurance?

Before you are admitted, decide which room type you would prefer: a single room or a multiple-occupancy room. Your choice of room will affect your hospital bill and your hospitalisation insurance cover. Read all about it below.

Room choice and admission statement

Before you are admitted, the hospital will give you an admission statement. This statement informs you about the financial side of your hospital admission. You will be given information about the doctor surcharges, room surcharges and payment advances. 

In addition, the document asks you to indicate your choice of room . You can opt for a single room or multiple occupancy room. 

What is a room surcharge?

A room surcharge is a supplemental fee that a hospital may apply when you opt to have a single room while you are in hospital. This amount is completely at the discretion of the hospital.

When do you need hospitalisation insurance? 

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What is the difference between a room surcharge and a physician surcharge?

A room surcharge is set and applied by the hospital if you choose to have a single room for your admission. A doctor surchargeis an additional amount charged by physicians for their services rendered when you stay in a single room.

Both surcharges may not be applied when you choose to stay in a double or multiple occupancy room. 

Which room surcharges are covered under my hospitalisation insurance?

Day admission:

Both Hospitalia, Hospitalia Medium and Hospitala Plus cover up to €80 per day of room surcharges for single occupancy rooms.

Multi-day admission:

  • Hospitalia: up to €80 per day
  • Hospitalia Medium and Plus: up to €125 per day

In addition to room surcharges,doctor surcharges are also covered. The policy plan you have will determine which percentage the level of reimbursement you receive.

Our advice? Inform yourself well in advance regarding your cover. That way you will know whether a single room is covered in your circumstances and you can avoid being confronted with unexpectedly high costs.

Rooming-in: what is it and is it covered?

Has your child been admitted to hospital? Parents are allowed to stay with their child at night. It is called 'rooming-in'. Almost every hospital offers this option. However, rooming-in does involve additional charges.

Your type of hospitalisation insurance determines how much of these expenses you will receive reimbursement for. With Hospitalia, you will be reimbursed up to €25 per admission day. With Hospitalia Medium and Hospitalia Plus, the full cost will be reimbursed. 

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