What does my hospitalisation insurance not cover?

Not all hospital admissions are covered under the health insurance fund. If the admission is not covered by statutory health insurance, you will also not be reimbursed through your hospitalisation insurance.

Below is an overview of expenses not covered. Please note: this is a non-exhaustive list, so there may be other expenses that are not covered.

  • Toiletries, cosmetics, food, wines, mineral waters and luxury expenses. 
  • Healthcare services that are aesthetic in nature. 
  • Dental implants and dental prostheses and any associated healthcare services. 
  • Healthcare services associated with ‘rejuvenation’. 
  • Expenses associated with experimental treatments and medicines. 
  • Expenses associated with medical treatments intentionally done abroad and not authorised by a statutory health insurance consulting physician. 
  • Expenses subject to VAT. 

Cover under the Hospitalia plan

Of course, what you want a hospitalisation insurance policy to do is to cover what is important to you. Cover varies depending on the Hospitalia plan.

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Where can I find the General Terms and Conditions?

Would you like more detailed information about your insurance with Helan? You can find all the terms and conditions on our website. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We are happy to help you.

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