Choosing hospitalisation insurance: What do you need to be aware of?

A hospital admission costs a lot of money, and the costs before and after your admission can also be high. So, it is better to be well insured if you end up in hospital for an operation, childbirth or treatment for an illness. This page tells you about the things to consider when choosing hospitalisation insurance.

Being well insured by your health insurance fund

Buying hospitalisation insurance through your health insurance fund has many advantages. In contrast to commercial insurance companies, the aim of a health insurance fund is not to make a profit. Helan Health Insurance Fund aims to provide the best possible protection at an affordable price.

Which hospitalisation insurance is the best?

Of course, what you want a hospitalisation insurance policy to do is to cover what is important to you.. That’s possible with Hospitalia. Helan has an insurance policy to suit your life circumstances or to meet the needs of your family. Excellent value for money comes as standard.

  • Hospitalia is an affordable, basic insurance, providing reimbursement for most of your admission costs in a multi-occupancy room. There is no age limitation for Hospitalia, so you can get in at any age.
  • Hospitalia Medium not only provides affordable protection against high hospital costs, it also responds to current trends. Hospital stays are getting shorter and shorter, and for that reason Hospitalia Medium offers comprehensive reimbursement of pre-admission care and aftercare as well as an innovative package of services for those who are hospitalised or recuperating.
  • Hospitalia Plus is the most comprehensive hospitalisation insurance available from Helan. It features reimbursements of up to 300% with comprehensive pre-admission care and aftercare, the privacy of a single room and extra household help after your admission. With Hospitalia Plus you can depend on receiving reimbursements with no annual limit. 

Room choice: single room or not?

If you stay in a single room at the hospital, doctors may charge a doctor surcharge, an additional amount on top of the doctor’s standard fee. Those surcharges can vastly inflate the cost of your admission.

If you would prefer to opt for a single room, you need to be well insured for those surcharges as well. Hospitalia Medium insures you for doctor surcharges that are up to 200% of the standard rate for a multi-day admission. In most Flemish hospitals, you will be able to choose for a single room with peace of mind.

As some hospitals in Brussels and Wallonia charge higher rates for an overnight admissions, and even higher at the UZ in Ghent, Helan also offers Hospitalia Plus. This insurance protects you even better against the higher rates at these hospitals.

When do you need hospitalisation insurance? 

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Pre-admission and aftercare cover

Hospital admissions are getting shorter and shorter, often leaving you with higher expenses before and after your admission. That's where Hospitalia Medium comes in: your medical expenses from the 60 days prior, and up to 180 days after your hospitalisation will also be reimbursed.

And then there is the unique extra service: Hospitalia Assist. This a support package that includes extra help with household chores, childcare or pet-sitting, psychological support, transport and more.

The Serious Illness Guarantee

If you opt for hospitalisation insurance, be sure to check what the reimbursements are in the event that you become seriously ill. For instance, Hospitalia Medium provides an extra protection in the event of a severe illness such as cancer, Parkinson's Disease, Crohn's Disease, and others. You will then be entitled to additional reimbursements of up to €7000 a year for a minimal extra cost, have copayments reimbursed and your insurance will also reimburse you for medical equipment rental.

More about Hospitalia Medium

If you are admitted to hospital, you can rely on comfort. The tranquillity of a single room, comprehensive pre-admission care and aftercare, and extra help after your hospitalisation. This is insurance you can depend on. For you and your family. 

With Hospitalia Medium you are affordably insured in the event of an operation, childbirth or illness. Day admissions, doctor surcharges and the high costs of serious illness: we have thought of everything.

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