Extension and relapse 

Will you be incapacitated for longer than the date shown on your certificate? Then you will need a new certificate to extend your incapacity for work. Have you returned to work, but become ill again? Even in the event of a relapse, you must submit a declaration of incapacity for work on time.

What is an extension?

Will you be incapacitated longer than the end date stated on your certificate? Then you will receive an extension. Your doctor will complete another certificate of incapacity to extend your incapacity period


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What is a relapse?

We only talk about relapse when you returned  to work and became ill again: 

  • within 14 calendar days after a period of incapacity of less than one year 
  • or within three months after a period of incapacity of over one year

Please note!
 'Relapse' concerns only the time period within which you become incapacitated again. The term relapse is independent of the medical condition that makes you incapacitated for work.

For example:
You are incapacitated for six weeks due to a broken leg. You go back to work and get the flu after four days. As a result, you are again incapacitated for two weeks. Even though it is a different condition, as far as the health insurance fund is concerned it still qualifies as a 'relapse'.

Report your incapacity for work again 

Submit a relapse or an extension to your health insurance fund within eight calendar days . Those submitting late declarations risk financial penalty.

Notifications of an extension or a relapse are done in the same way as the original declaration: using the incapacity-for-work certificate.

Download the certificate.

Download the certificate of incapacity for work.

Do you not have a certificate of incapacity for work at hand? Ask your doctor to prepare your medical certificate (also referred to as a 'confidential form') with the necessary details:

  •     your details
  •     the identification of the treating physician (physician recognised by the NIHDI)
  •     date and signature of the treating physician
  •     start and end date of the incapacity for work
  •     diagnosis: reason and nature of the incapacity for work

Please have your certificate completed by your treating physician.

Please send the completed certificate. This can easily be done digitally via My Helan.

Prefer not to use a digital channel? Then send us your certificate to this address by post: Helan Ziekenfonds - Incapacity for Work Service (Dienst arbeidsongeschiktheid), Boomsesteenweg 5, 2610 Wilrijk. The postmark will serve as the declaration date.

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