Fixed sum for third-party assistance

Are you incapacitated for work and need help from others? Then you may be entitled to the fixed sum for 'third-party assistance'. This is an extra amount in addition to your standard benefit.

What is the fixed sum for third-parties assistance?

Are you incapacitated for work and struggling to carry out ordinary daily activities? Do you need help from others? Then you may be entitled to the fixed sum for 'third-party assistance'. This is a fixed sum in addition to your standard benefit due to incapacity to work. See how much your benefit amounts to on the website of the NIHDI.


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How do you apply for third-party assistance?

Apply for third-party help from your health insurance fund.

You can 'apply for third-party help' from the fourth month of being incapacitated for work. To do so, please contact our Social Work Department (Dienst Maatschappelijk Werk).

The Social Work Department (Dienst Maatschappelijk Werk) will assess your dependency rate based on six activities:

  • moving around
  • eating and preparing your own meals
  • grooming and dressing
  • maintaining the home
  • communicating or maintaining social contacts
  • being aware of danger and able to avoid danger

The medical officer will make a decision based on this report.

You will be notified by letter whether your application has been approved or declined.

Who is eligible for third-party assistance?

You must have already been incapacitated for work for at least three months to be eligible. From the fourth month, you can apply to our Social Work Department (Social Services). These are the requirements:

  • You are in severe need of care and are receiving incapacity-for-work benefits
  • You need both medical and non-medical help to meet your daily needs such as cooking, eating, getting around, washing and dressing, and communicating. ;
  • The help you receive often comes from family, friends or volunteers.

Please note!
Your health insurance fund may refuse or suspend third-party assistance:

  • If you are admitted to a hospital, rest or care home, psychiatric care home or a rest home for the elderly.
  • If you are in provisional detention or if you have been deprived of your freedom.


What about your tax return?

The ‘third-party assistance’ benefit isn't considered a replacement income and is not taxable. You therefore don't need to report it on your annual tax return.

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