Applying for hospitalisation insurance during your pregnancy

Hospitalisation insurance is good for your peace of mind. Are you pregnant and want to purchase hospitalisation insurance during your pregnancy? Then be sure to keep in mind the specific waiting period.

What is a waiting period?

Would you like to purchase hospitalisation insurance? Then a waiting period of six months will usually be applicable. Pregnancy is an exception to this.

Hospitalisation insurance insures a risk that you hope does not occur. To prevent abuse of this cover, most insurance policies have a waiting period. The waiting period makes it possible to keep premiums low, which in turn keeps hospitalisation insurance accessible to all.

What waiting period will apply if you during purchase insurance during your pregnancy?

At Helan, if you purchase insuranceduring your pregnancy, a specific waiting period applies.

  • If you have your child within the first six months after purchasing your insurance, a full waiting period applies and you will not receive any reimbursements from your hospitalisation insurance.
  • If you give birth in the seventh, eighth or ninth month after you purchase your insurance, you will received a limited reimbursement from the hospitalisation insurance if you choose a double-occupancy room.

What is the best hospitalisation insurance for you?

Hospitalia, Hospitalia Medium, or Hospitalia Plus? Of course, what you want a hospitalisation insurance policy to do is to cover what is important to you. Every one of our three policies provide cover that is tailored to you and your family. And they offer excellent value for money. Compare to find out which policy suits you best.

When do you need hospitalisation insurance? 

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Need advice or guidance?

Are you pregnant and would like to purchase insurance? You can contact one of our customer advisers through a variety of channels. Together we will look at your question or circumstances.